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This is how much a scoop of ice cream costs in the biggest Dutch cities

Amsterdam, 28th July 2021-Nothing goes so well with summer as a scoop of ice cream. Those who order a scoop of ice cream in the Netherlands pay an average of 1.47 euros per scoop. This has emerged from research by Belvilla into the average prices and number of ice cream parlours in the ten largest Dutch cities.

The most expensive city to order a scoop of ice cream is Amsterdam, where a scoop costs 1.81 euros on average. Those who do not want to pay too much for a scoop of ice cream should go to Almere, where a scoop costs an average of 1.32 euros.

How were the data determined?
To determine the average prices, the cost per scoop of ice cream was determined for the five most popular ice cream parlours on Tripadvisor for the 10 largest cities in the Netherlands.

Source: Belvilla

1280 ice cream parlours
The Netherlands currently has 1280 ice cream parlours, according to data from the Trade Register. Most ice cream parlours can be found in Amsterdam (126), followed by The Hague (95) and Rotterdam (77). Relatively speaking, The Hague has the most ice cream parlours (17.7 per 1,000 inhabitants).

Source: Belvilla

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