The Danes want a Christmas stay in a holiday home

The trend continues:
The Danes want a Christmas stay in a holiday home

The Danes are increasingly choosing to get away from the hectic Christmas bustle with a peaceful holiday in a holiday home. According to one of the country’s leading holiday home agencies, DanCenter, there are four relaxing benefits of celebrating Christmas in a holiday home, which explains the interest among Danes.

Christmas is a time of hearts, but for many it will be a stressful affair with Christmas shopping, cleaning, gift wrapping and cooking. Therefore, more Danes choose to relax with a peaceful holiday in a holiday home around Christmas and New Year. You can feel this at DanCenter, which is one of the country’s leading holiday home landlords:

– In recent years, Danes have opened their eyes to spend their Christmas holidays in a holiday home. We experienced this to a large extent last year, when corona sent demand up in the air, but the trend actually grew already in 2019, says director of DanCenter, Kim Holmsted, who is also chairman of Feriehusudlejernes Brancheforening, and continues:

– Last year was an extraordinary year for the holiday home industry both in and out of high season, but it seems like the trend of spending Christmas in a holiday home continues again this year when we compare booking numbers with the more normal conditions before corona in 2019. Specifically, our Danish guests have booked 22 percent more house weeks over Christmas and New Year, while the number of booked house weeks for our German guests has increased by 29.6 percent in the same period.

According to DanCenter, there are four particular benefits of letting a holiday home form the framework for the Christmas holidays, which explains the interest among Danes.

  1. You can get completely down in gear

For many, Christmas equals self-pampering, and therefore one can advantageously consider sweetening the Christmas holiday with a sense of well-being. Many cottages have facilities such as a pool, spa and sauna, where you can get completely relaxed and let both your shoulders and the Christmas peace sink.

– A holiday home is a wonderful oasis where you can really pull the plug and forget the stress and hustle of the Christmas race. This is mainly due to the fact that you are physically moving into a new setting, where everyday busyness and worries can be put on hold. Many people thus experience being able to enjoy their holiday in a completely new way in a holiday home, says Kim Holmsted.

  1. You have fewer obligations

The cottage is an obvious getaway from the hectic Christmas preparations and two to-do lists. Here, there are fewer commitments associated with hosting, and that allows for a peaceful Christmas. For example, it is possible to avoid the Christmas cleaning by opting for final cleaning at the country’s rental agencies, just as the other hosting tasks such as cooking and table setting are automatically distributed among all guests when the Christmas parties are held in a holiday home.

  1. You avoid worries about transportation

If you gather your loved ones for Christmas dinner in a holiday home, the whole family will enjoy an extra freedom. With a holiday home, both young and old do not have to worry about going home after the Christmas visit, and this means, among other things, that the adults can indulge in good wine and beer for Christmas dinner, and that the children can easily fall over, when they get tired.

  1. You can take the work with you

While Christmas is sometimes described as a so-called employee Christmas, this year it falls in favor of the country’s bosses. If you are one of those who have to work between Christmas and New Year, you can combine the work with cosiness and togetherness with the family in a holiday home. Many of the country’s holiday homes are connected to a stable internet connection, which makes it easy to manage the work between Christmas and New Year without having to physically check into the office. When the working day is over, you can thus step directly into the Christmas fun with the family again, which can sweeten the workload a bit.

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