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The Eurovision Song Contest in Turin: Find out what the trip costs for you

We have found out for you how expensive such a weekend trip with a visit to the final show is and how expensive a whole week with all the ESC events turns out to be. We have calculated the travel, accommodation, ticket, sightseeing and food costs for the weekend and for the whole week.
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Instead of a handcart: four men’s trip ideas for Father’s Day

Belvilla by OYO presents four ideas for a unique men's trip with a high fun factor! #fathersday     

Rental agency supports: Team Rynkeby Vestjylland starts dress rehearsal from DanCenter office on Rømø

On Monday 18 April, 25 cyclists from Team Rynkeby Vestjylland will round off Easter with an official training trip of almost 100 kilometers. The route starts and ends at the local rental agency DanCenter on Rømø, which this year sponsors the West Jutland team on their way to Paris in honor of critically ill children.
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Holiday trend 2022: on Friendcation with friends 

Making up for lost time in the past two pandemic years, strengthening bonds and creating valuable memories together are the main reasons why friendcations are on the rise.
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OYO supports Ukrainian refugees

Global technology company OYO announced that it will offer free accommodation to refugees fleeing Ukraine.
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6 x instagram-worthy blossom spots – Bye bye winter, hello spring!

Gather your friends and family and enjoy a spring full of blossoms...and don't forget that Insta-perfect picture! #nofilterneeded 
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The return of good weather for the seasonal rental

As soon as the winter vacations are over, everyone is already looking forward to the next vacation... And they are not so far away!
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Carnival, carnival… with Belvilla by OYO

Belvilla proposes a selection of holiday homes and villas ideal for enjoying these festivities in Cádiz, Tenerife or Sitges, three of its emblematic destinations. In fact, and according to the latest data from the company, this week there have been 300% more house reservations in Spain compared to the 2019 Carnival.
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Austrians are already booking intensively for 2022

Trends 2022 / Ski season in Austria / Ski off-season booming
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Encouraging results for the 2022 winter vacations… and the months to come

In the final stretch of the winter vacations, while some people have already gone back to work, others are still enjoying their winter break. Belvilla by OYO, the vacation home rental specialist, has recorded a significant 43% increase in reservations in France for February and March compared to 2019.