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Preferred destinations for European homeowners to rent their holiday homes

We have analysed the information on more than 60,200 holiday homes in more than 10 different European countries. We figured out if the owners prefer to invest in their own country or rather go abroad, and which countries have their preference.

Rising trend: Norwegians want to spend their summer holidays in a Danish holiday home

According to one of the country's leading holiday home agencies, this indicates that especially the Norwegian guests are on their way back - and even to a greater extent than before the pandemic. 
Belvilla by OYO

Holiday homes are being booked further in advance, unlike airline tickets

Holiday homes are being booked further in advance again, unlike airline tickets. Flight holidays are booked more last-minute than in pre-corona year 2019. This is apparent from the data from Belvilla, and BungalowSpecials. 
Belvilla by OYO

The Italy of villages that young people like: Belvilla’s proposals for unique and out-of-the-ordinary stays 

The trend of holidays to discover Italian villages is not new, but has strengthened considerably in recent times, driven also by the pandemic that has limited travel abroad and "forced", if one can say so, Italians to rediscover the beauty of our country
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Spaniards (23%), followed by Dutch (18%), Germans (16%) and British (14%) are the travelers who most visit houses in Spain in May and June.
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9 Euro ticket – City trip: four alternatives for Hamburg, Munich & Berlin 

All aboard, please! During the summer months of June, July and August, travelers can explore all of Germany for 9 euros per month.
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The weekend away during Ascension Day: The Dutch are choosing foreign countries again 

Where in 2021 87% of Dutch bookings during the long Ascension Day weekend went to NL, this year it is only 33%. The Dutch are opting for a trip abroad more often.

Nationwide selection: Danland in Vigsø is this year’s holiday center in 2021 

One of the country's largest holiday center chains, Danland, has just named this year's holiday center in 2021 on the basis of annual turnover, rating and number of holiday homes for rent.
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Belvilla: “Belgians on average spend 8 days this summer travelling with friends or family”.  

Many Belgians are currently booking their summer holidays, according to holiday home specialist Belvilla. Remarkable: two years after the outbreak of COVID-19, Belgians are once again full of desire to travel.
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OYO continues to expand as a preferred full-stack vacation homes provider with the acquisition of Europe based ‘Direct Booker’

As OYO continues to expand as a preferred full-stack vacation homes provider, it has concluded the acquisition of Europe based company ‘Direct Booker’ which has over 3200 homes and serviced 2 million customers so far.