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Going on cycling holiday with the friends has become more popular  

More and more Belgians are taking to the saddle, according to research. Especially since the outbreak of the pandemic, the sport is bursting at the seams, and not only among men.
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How to avoid airport chaos for summer vacation: renting vacation homes that are accessible by car  

Between cancelled flights, lost luggage and outraged travelers, Europeans who wish to travel by air are experiencing many difficulties at their airports. Due to staff shortages and strikes by flight attendants, the situation is expected to worsen throughout the summer of 2022. For a hassle-free vacation, Belvilla by OYO offers travelers "last minute" rental houses from July to September, easily accessible by car or train. 
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These are the ideal travel hotspots for those travelling just after the summer

Don't feel like crowded beaches? Or expensive plane tickets during high season? But you do want a summer holiday in a beautiful Instagram spot? Read on!
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Wheelchair-friendly holiday homes hit the mark

An adjustment on a holiday home has quite a positive influence. For example in Bütgenbach, where a house that has been made completely wheelchair-friendly, receives much better reviews.
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International Kissing Day: Belvilla by OYO’s holiday homes where you can celebrate this day

Belvilla by OYO offers four holiday homes in Europe where you can share a romantic and unforgettable kiss
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Preferred destinations for European homeowners to rent their holiday homes

We have analysed the information on more than 60,200 holiday homes in more than 10 different European countries. We figured out if the owners prefer to invest in their own country or rather go abroad, and which countries have their preference.

Rising trend: Norwegians want to spend their summer holidays in a Danish holiday home

According to one of the country's leading holiday home agencies, this indicates that especially the Norwegian guests are on their way back - and even to a greater extent than before the pandemic. 
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Holiday homes are being booked further in advance, unlike airline tickets

Holiday homes are being booked further in advance again, unlike airline tickets. Flight holidays are booked more last-minute than in pre-corona year 2019. This is apparent from the data from Belvilla, and BungalowSpecials. 
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The Italy of villages that young people like: Belvilla’s proposals for unique and out-of-the-ordinary stays 

The trend of holidays to discover Italian villages is not new, but has strengthened considerably in recent times, driven also by the pandemic that has limited travel abroad and "forced", if one can say so, Italians to rediscover the beauty of our country
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Spaniards (23%), followed by Dutch (18%), Germans (16%) and British (14%) are the travelers who most visit houses in Spain in May and June.