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Belvilla by OYO: Review and outlook for 2023 in Austria

After the long Corona waitingtome, 2022 saw extensive travel again, and with 2023 just two weeks away, Belvilla by OYO looks at 2023 booking trends. But first, let's look back at the year that made travel possible again.  
Belvilla by OYO

Belvilla by OYO’s homeowners: so much more turnover can be made with technology and know-how

Since 2019, when Belvilla was acquired by OYO, Belvilla has introduced many technological innovations and massively expanded its partner network. One of the most important technological innovations was dynamic pricing and the application experience that OYO brought on board. Now the company has compared the booking price development for the last 3 years and comes to a pleasing conclusion.
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Escape the winter: Soak up the sun in Greece and Croatia

Without freezing through the winter: While the days are getting cooler at home and energy prices are rising, Greece's Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias is calling people to spend the winter in Greece. With mild temperatures, breathtaking coasts and unique historical places the country is also in the cold season a true vacation paradise. Beautiful natural landscapes, countless dream beaches and cultural highlights - Croatia also has a lot to offer and attracts with a pleasant climate. Fittingly, vacation home specialist Belvilla by OYO presents four fantastic vacation homes in Greece and Croatia for Mediterranean warmth in winter. 
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This is where skiing is cheapest… and most expensive 

Whoever has booked a ski holiday in the past, surely noticed: prices for a ski pass vary widely. That's why the well-known holiday home platform Belvilla by OYO made the comparison. What turns out: the cheapest options for six days of skiing can be found in Slovenia and France and some of the most expensive options in Switzerland. 

Danish holiday homes are popular at Christmas

This year, many people want to get away from home and enjoy the holidays in one of Denmark's holiday homes. This is the experience of DanCenter, one of the country's leading holiday home rental companies, which, despite high inflation and the energy crisis, can report an increase in bookings in December. According to the holiday home rental company, there are three particular advantages of spending Christmas in a holiday home that explain the great interest. 
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Holiday homes in southern Europe popular for a longer stay

Belvilla by OYO reports a considerable increase in the number of long stays in southern Europe. In 2022, bookings to Italy and Spain for a period of 16 days or longer have increased by 32%.  
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Belvilla by OYO helps owners of holiday homes with concrete advice for energy saving

Measures against draft, better adjustment of the existing heating, 100% switching to LED lighting. These are just a few of the concrete advice with which Belvilla tries to help owners of holiday homes on their way to greater energy efficiency and to ensure they are maximizing the income they receive with their holiday home.
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Belvilla: Booking Plus for November & December

Vienna, 24th October 2022 - Belvilla by OYO bookings for November and the Christmas season in Austrian vacation homes are in full swing. The bookings for 2022 are already just above those of 2021 at the same time and significantly above those of 2020. Belvilla has taken a closer look at the trends.
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Where are we going in the fall break?

Now that the autumn holidays are approaching, Belvilla by OYO has delved into the numbers to find out where Dutch people are going this year.
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One in five Belgians take pet on holiday with them

On World Pet Day, so today, we like to give our fuzzy four-legged friends an extra treat. Belvilla, specialist in the online rental of holiday homes, investigated, in the context of World Animal Day, to what extent their guests take their pets on holiday with them and whether a trend can be seen over the years. And what turns out? Going on holiday with pets is indeed on the rise.