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Holiday homes are being booked further in advance, unlike airline tickets

Amsterdam, June 16 2022 – Holiday homes are being booked further in advance again, unlike airline tickets. Flight holidays are booked more last-minute than in pre-corona year 2019. This is apparent from the data from Belvilla, and BungalowSpecials.

Holiday homes
With the summer holidays approaching, Belvilla investigated booking behavior in comparison with 2019 and 2021. These data show that there is no last-minute booking behavior with holiday homes. Holiday homes are booked as far in advance as before corona. Nearly a quarter of the bookings are made 180 days in advance. Last year during the corona time, most bookings were made one to two months in advance.

Crowded holiday parks
BungalowSpecials agrees with this. The booking platform also sees holiday homes being booked further in advance than in 2019. Now 32% of customers book more than 60 days in advance. That was less last year. “The number of last-minute bookings was higher in 2019 and this decreased during corona,” says Melanie op den Velde of BungalowSpecials. “This is now normalizing again, but most bookings are still made between 31-60 days in advance. A lot is already fully booked for the summer, holiday parks have less availability. This means that there is not much to book last-minute.”

Last minute flight tickets
The figures of flight booker show the opposite. Last-minute airline tickets have increased compared to 2019. Then 27% was booked within one month. This year that percentage is higher; now 41% of the customers book last-minute. A dichotomy has arisen in the booking behavior of airline tickets versus holiday homes and bungalows. 

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