Here are the most sensationally forgotten cases in the country cottages

Holiday homes are popular like never before, and as a result, the country’s holiday home agencies are experiencing a boom in forgotten property. In this connection, DanCenter is now unveiling this year’s list of the most spectacular properties that have been forgotten in the agency’s associated holiday homes.

The Danes are going towards the country’s holiday homes like never before. In fact, figures from Statistics Denmark show that the number of overnight stays in February has increased by more than 50 percent since 2020. A natural consequence of the large influx of guests is an increasing number of forgotten cases, which have been experienced by one of the country’s leading holiday home landlords DanCenter:

– It happens that our guests by an oversight leave belongings of greater and lesser importance in the cottage. In these situations, of course, we do what we can so that the right owner can get his things back. We store most forgotten cases for three months at the local office, where the guest can thus pick it up within opening hours. Alternatively, we are also happy to forward the property to the guest’s residence, says Kaye Rosengaard, who is operations and service manager at DanCenter.

In the past year, DanCenter’s guests have forgotten belongings of a very different nature. The most frequently forgotten items are electronics such as chromecasts and phone chargers, but the forgotten items also count for a number of more startling effects, which can be seen in the following top 10 of the most striking forgotten items in the country’s holiday homes:

1. Mother-in-law
2. Artificial legs
3. False teeth
4. Penis-shaped salt shaker
5. Sex toys
6. Engagement ring
7. Souvenir photos from the country’s theme parks
8. Sodastream
9. Telephone charger
10. Chromecast

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