Danish holiday homes are popular at Christmas

This year, many people want to get away from home and enjoy the holidays in one of Denmark’s holiday homes. This is the experience of DanCenter, one of the country’s leading holiday home rental companies, which, despite high inflation and the energy crisis, can report an increase in bookings in December. According to the holiday home rental company, there are three particular advantages of spending Christmas in a holiday home that explain the great interest.

Despite inflation and the energy crisis, the increasing interest in celebrating Christmas in one of the country’s holiday homes in recent years is not over. According to one of the country’s leading holiday home rental companies, DanCenter, there is currently a growing demand for holiday homes in December, which suggests that Danish holiday homes are once again high on the Christmas wish list.

– Although many are naturally concerned about the economic uncertainties currently affecting Denmark and Europe, we are currently experiencing the highest number of bookings in December for several years. The number of bookings is almost 15 percent above the level for the same period in 2020, when many Danes sought the country’s holiday homes during the Christmas pandemic, says Service and Operations Manager at DanCenter, Kaye Rosengaard, and elaborates:

– With over half of our total bookings in December taking place between 23 and 31 December, there is every reason to believe that many people will be celebrating Christmas or New Year in one of the country’s holiday homes. This continues the trend from last year, and it’s really pleasing that more and more people are waking up to the idea of spending the Christmas holidays in a holiday home.

According to DanCenter, there are three particular advantages to targeting Danish holiday homes during the festive season that explain the high level of interest.

1. Find inner peace
Christmas is a cosy time, but for many it can also be a stressful affair with gift shopping, Christmas decorating, cleaning and cooking on the to-do list. That’s why a trip to the cottage can be a great way to unwind by getting away from the usual surroundings, putting the hustle and bustle of everyday life and worries on hold. It’s even possible to opt for end-of-season cleaning through most rental agencies, giving you even more time to slump your shoulders and let the Christmas spirit settle in with family and friends.

2. Minimise worries
For many Danes, there is a tradition of gathering with family and friends for Christmas dinners, where the dinner table is often filled with beer, wine and schnapps as well as the classic Christmas meal. Spending Christmas in a cottage means no worries about transport home, and adults can enjoy the wet goods with peace of mind. At the same time, children also benefit from the extra freedom and can, for example, go to bed quickly and easily when they get tired.

3. Combine work and play
This year, Christmas falls in favour of the country’s employers, which means that many people have to work between Christmas and New Year. But with holiday homes between Christmas and New Year, work and pleasure can easily be combined. The majority of the country’s holiday homes are equipped with a stable internet connection, making it easy to manage work tasks away from the physical confines of the office. So when the day’s work is done and the computer is switched off, you can quickly join in the Christmas cheer with the family, which can make work tasks more manageable.

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