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Belvilla introduces Unique Holiday Homes: 23 special places to stay during your holiday

Amsterdam, [24-11-2021] : Every person is unique, every story is unique and every holiday wish is unique. Holiday home specialist Belvilla, part of the tech travel group OYO, has highlighted a number of special houses in Europe with a unique background story on a convenient and fun webpage. Each holiday home has its own interesting story to tell, shared by the homeowners.

Unique houses
Imagine staying in a holiday home that is completely immersed in the beautiful Dutch dunes or that enjoys an enchanting view of a river from every room and terrace. How exciting would it be to stay on a ship that has been transformed into a unique family residence, or to bubble up at the top of a tree? 

Feel like royalty in a Belgian castle or create new holiday memories in an authentic bunker. At Belvilla it is all possible.  Perhaps you would like to experience sleeping like a nomad in a colourful yurt or in an authentic wind or watermill. Even if you would like to go back to school or spend the night in a French train station, we have a holiday home to match your dreams. Cocooning in a cave or an authentic trullo stay, it’s all possible at Belvilla in Italy. Imagine yourself at the end of the world in the swimming pool or stay with your head in the clouds in Spain. If you love architectural masterpieces, Belvilla offers some beautiful ones for you to discover, or a unique wooden spa in the hilly countryside of Germany. Belvilla even offers a holiday home that will make your heart beat slower in Austria.

Unique stories
Because the story of each house sounds like a fairy tale, Belvilla has introduced the mascots Bella and Yoyo to tell you all about these wonderful and unique holiday homes. There are some very surprising options! Here are 23 ideas for a holiday you won’t soon forget. Click here to find the amazing stories.

Unique hosts
As unique as the houses are, as unique are the hosts: personal contact with the homeowners is very important to Belvilla. The Unique Homes homeowners take you on an interesting storytelling journey in their holiday home. Mr Posch, a Dutch host, told us all about his holiday home in a train station in Liglet in France dating back to 1888, with a heated pool: ” Besides the luxury of a heated swimming pool, the original function of the building is still clearly visible. It is still clearly visible that this used to be a railway station. The original ticket offices of the station, for example, have been preserved.” 

Mrs Pleijter, owner of Ehemalige Dorfschule / Pfarrhaus in Waldeck-Netze, Germany, makes you sit back in school again. The old school and the vicarage also have a very beautiful story, says Mrs Pleijter: “The vicarage school was used after the Second World War for refugee children from the Sudetenland. At the time, the Sudeten Germans were driven out.

In our own country, too, there are plenty of unusual holiday homes to be found, such as the Loft aan de Vecht house in Nigtevecht. There are 55 solar panels on the roof, which provide power for the entire house. Besides the sustainable aspect, the house is also situated in the middle of the Vecht region, close to Utrecht and Amsterdam. There is also plenty to do in and around the house itself, host Mr Ter Heide knows: “On nice summer days, you can take a dip in the Vecht, since you are on the water. You can also explore the river by boat. If you prefer to stay at home, you can enjoy the hot tub or on one of the terraces at the house.” 

There are currently 23 holiday homes on Belvilla’s Unique Homes list. Belvilla will continue to add holiday accommodations to this portfolio.

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