Belvilla by OYO

Belvilla by OYO’s homeowners: so much more turnover can be made with technology and know-how

Since 2019, when Belvilla was acquired by OYO, Belvilla has introduced many technological innovations and massively expanded its partner network. One of the most important technological innovations was dynamic pricing and the application experience that OYO brought on board. Now the company has compared the booking price development for the last 3 years and comes to a pleasing conclusion.

  • Dynamic Pricing: average revenue increase of a Belvilla vacation accommodation compared to 2019 is 6%  
  • 24% of all Belvilla vacation properties in Austria record an increase in turnover of more than 20% compared to 2019  
  • Increasing revenues for homeowners do not automatically mean more expensive prices for vacationers.

Dynamic pricing or dynamic price management has been on everyone’s lips at least since the booking of ski passes this year. In practice, the system makes it possible to vary the price of a product or service and reflect changing market conditions with the help of an algorithm. The price is calculated based on various factors such as competitor pricing, supply and demand, behavioral science factors, and external factors such as weather. Sounds complicated, but it brings many advantages to both holiday homeowners and their guests. The Result speaks for itself. On average, vacation homes listed on Belvilla by OYO could increase their revenue by 6% from 2019 to 2022 . In Austria, 24% of all vacation homes that were listed on the platform between 2019 and 2022 have a revenue increase of over 20% and 7% of vacation homes have a revenue increase of 10-20%. Whereby, of course, this success should not be attributed to Dynamic Pricing alone 

Since 2019, Belvilla has been a part of global hospitality technology platform – OYO, a company that prides itself on its technology and product prowess to benefit guests and homeowners. According to Shirish Damani, Global Chief Revenue Officer at OYO: For us at Belvilla, offering the best-in-class homeowner experience is at the core of our business. With our platform, we are committed to enabling homeowners with the necessary technologies and product features to maximize their earnings. Over the past few years, we’ve come a long way. We’re encouraged by the revenue uplift by our homeowners today in comparison with 2019. Undoubtedly, this has been possible thanks to our dynamic pricing model: we enhance booking demand by a combination of  historical data, internet research, analytics and market and competitor data. As we move forward, we are continuously adapting homes rates, achieving the highest possible occupancy and revenue for homeowners. Besides that,  a strong direct demand channel and a solid distribution network, with more than local and global 2,000 OTAs, affiliates and travel agents, is also paramount to ensure the highest demand  

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