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Belvilla by OYO: Review and outlook for 2023 in Austria

After the long Corona waitingtome, 2022 saw extensive travel again, and with 2023 just two weeks away, Belvilla by OYO looks at 2023 booking trends. But first, let’s look back at the year that made travel possible again.   

2022 in review 
Bookings in Austria increased by 66% compared to the previous year. Thereby the most booked Austrian region for stays in 2022 was Salzburg, followed by Tyrol, Carinthia, Styria and Vorarlberg. Many also booked more in advance again. While short-term bookings were popular in 2021, the average booking in 2022 was 105 days in advance.  

When homeoffice was chosen as business word of the year in 2020, a small revolution happened and homeoffice became acceptable for most companies. If you combine home office and people’s rediscovered desire to travel, you can’t get around Workation. As everyone who has spent Workation in a Belvilla vacation home knows, a vacation home in the countryside is best suited for this. The longest stay in Austria was by a guest who spent 35 days in a Belvilla house in Salzburg with a group of 4 people.   

Although many Austrian Belvilla guests preferred to stay in Austria. Most bookings for stays in Austria in 2022 came from our German neighbors. (in total 46% of total bookings in Austria 

Outlook 2023 
Austrians are again planning their vacations in advance. Looking at the bookings Belvilla by OYO had on the same day for 2022 compared to the bookings the company already has today for stays in 2023, there is a 23% increase.  

85% of these bookings are stays in Austria, 4.2% stays in Italy and 3.8% stays in Croatia.  

Comparing bookings made to date for stays in Austria in 2023 with bookings made on the same day in 2022, there is already a 5% increase.   

Similar to 2022, the most represented guest group is our German neighbors with 45% of all bookings in Austria, followed by the Dutch with 24% and Austrians make up 6% of bookings.   

This and more information can also be found in Travelopedia,  summary created by OYO. OYO is one of the world’s leading hospitality tech companies to which Belvilla belongs since 2019. This global platform has published its Travelopedia with some interesting information about the international hospitality industry. Some of the most interesting findings are that people are again increasingly planning vacations outside their own country although of course demand in their own country is still very high. The vacation home sector is in constant development. An interesting fact is that Germany, followed by Denmark and the Netherlands, are the countries in Europe where the demand for vacation homes is the highest. 

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