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Belvilla: “Belgians on average spend 8 days this summer travelling with friends or family”.  

Many Belgians are currently booking their summer holidays, according to holiday home specialist Belvilla. Remarkable: two years after the outbreak of COVID-19, Belgians are once again full of desire to travel.

Our travel habits this summer are similar to those of 2019 according to holiday home specialist Belvilla. Several figures even match those of the summer of 2019 (when there was no corona in our country). 

Once again, we like to travel in groups, with friends, but also with family, befriended families, etc. According to Belvilla, we book a stay for an average of seven people. Which was also the case in 2019. And we are going out for about 8 days this summer. Which also equals the figures of 2019. 

Companionship over destination
Being able to travel in a group again is priority number one for Belgians this summer holiday. Quality time with family and friends is central. As a result, we cross the border less often. In 2022, we will still be exploring the most beautiful places in our own country. 

With 45 percent of all Belgian bookings, Belgium is the most popular destination. France is number two with 31.8 percent. Followed by Italy with 7.3 percent of all bookings. 

In 2019, most compatriots still chose a summer holiday in France (36.2 percent). Followed by Belgium (26 percent) and Italy (8.2 percent). 

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