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All crazy for pizza delivery

Belvilla points out the Italian locations where enjoying a pizza in a holiday home has more taste and convenience

European holiday rental player with over 2,900 holiday homes in Italy, Belvilla has explored the peninsula from north to south in search of the perfect cities to enjoy an evening in your holiday home, in the company of the main dish of our gastronomic culture: Pizza. In a mouth-watering journey that touches on the 21 largest cities in Italy, Belvilla points out that in Modena booking an excellent pizza Margherita is easy, tasty and convenient.

Belvilla, the specialist vacation rental brand in Europe, part of OYO Vacation Homes, continues to record year-on-year growth in bookings. The summer period in particular saw bookings in Italy grow by 12 per cent compared to 2020, with demand predominantly from Italians, Germans and Dutch. Due to the growing interest of users in our country, Belvilla compared average prices, satisfaction and the total number of delivery pizzerias in more than 20 Italian cities in order to find out where the most popular pizzerias are among users and where you can order an excellent margherita at reasonable prices. 

In terms of value for money, Modena is the Italian city that stands out for its combination of taste and convenience, with an average of 5.50 Euro for a Margherita pizza.

However, the city of Emilia does not appear to be one of the locations with the highest concentration of delivery pizzerias in the territory; in this regard, the metropolitan city of Milan tops the list with 1 pizzeria for every 200 inhabitants.

In this graph it is possible to observe the areas of Italy where there is a greater diffusion of delivery pizzerias on the territory according to the number of inhabitants.

In addition to the spread, Belvilla compared and analysed the average prices of Margherita, calculating, as anticipated, an average value per city, starting from the price list of those pizzerias that were awarded a score of 9-10 by users. In fact, Genoa, Modena and Naples are the cities where you can taste the best Margherita pizza at moderate prices. Among the cities with the highest prices are Bari, Rome and Trieste. 

Here is the graph showing the average price of a Margherita by city.

In its journey of discovery of Italian pizza, Belvilla also analysed the ratio between the users’ favourite pizzerias and the total number of pizzerias in each city, in order to determine in which location it is easiest to come across a high quality product. 

Once again, Modena stands out (followed by Venice and Padua), where it is easy to find top-quality delivery pizzerias, with a percentage of 21%, so here 2.1 pizzerias out of every 10 received the highest score from users.

Here is a map of Italy showing the areas with the greatest concentration of pizzerias appreciated by users.

As a result of a growing demand in our country, which also involves an increased interest of guests in the excellent Italian gastronomic offer, homeowners are not unprepared, providing their guests with indications, hints and suggestions from real Travel Experts, for a holiday full of experiences in our country.

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