3 tips: How to make the cottage completely ready for the rental season

The high season for holiday home rentals will soon begin, and therefore it is a good reason to have the holiday home completely ready. According to one of the country’s leading holiday home landlords, with very few measures you can ensure that your holiday home is razor sharp for summer guests.

Summer is just around the corner, and before long, the start of the high season for holiday home rentals will begin. It is therefore obvious to get the holiday home completely ready for this summer’s guests, and you can get three good tips for this from one of the country’s leading holiday home landlords, DanCenter.

1. Boost the internet connection
If your cottage does not already have a sensible internet connection, an upgrade can have a big impact on the rental. Because even though a holiday home is often associated with an offline oasis, both kids and adults appreciate, for example, being able to install a chromecast and stream good movies or playing video games when they are on holiday. At the same time, the internet has become such a big part of life for all of us that it is now a requirement for many tenants that they can be online in the holiday home:

– A stable and fast internet connection has long been a great wish from our guests, and the need has only increased in the past year as a result of lockdown, where many have used the holiday home as a home office. Among other things, we can see that internet access is increasingly being added as a specific search criterion when our guests search for holiday homes on our website, says Peder Jensen, who is rental manager at DanCenter.

2. Repair the little things
The first-hand impression of your holiday home is of great importance for whether the tenants have a good holiday. It is therefore important to get a handle on any small items that need to be repaired. Lubricate the hinges on any doors that bind and pipe and grab a brush and paint the moldings that need it. It all helps to ensure that guests feel like renting your holiday home a second time.

3. Review the kitchen for deficiencies
If your holiday home needs to be razor sharp for the high season, you can check out the contents of the kitchen. As a rule, there should be at least one set of service for all overnight guests as well as pots, pans, sharp knives and other necessary kitchen utensils for cooking. In addition, you can advantageously provide basic things such as salt and pepper, baking paper, coffee filters and dishwashing detergent, if you want to be extra good to your guests.

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